Who we are & What we do...

LSLEA is a network of partners including five Municipalities, three Metis Settlements, and a number of community and regional organizations.
Together, we work to identify and promote partnerships and projects that strengthen our regional economy.

LSLEA is part of a province-wide network of 11 Regional Economic Development Alliances, all of which play an important role in Alberta's Economic Development Framework.
The geographic area encompassed by LSLEA includes communities within the boundaries of the MD of Big Lakes, the MD of Lesser Slave River, and the MD of Opportunity.

Regional Overview

The LSLEA region in northern Alberta covers an area of 53,614 square kilometers, spread over a vast area of lakes, plains in the south, and boreal forest. The region accounts for 8.4% of Alberta's land mass and for 0.8% of Alberta's population.

According to Statistics Canada's latest estimates, the region's population totaled 28,100 in 2010, an increase of 4.5% from 2006. According to the 2006 federal census, the number of employees was 11,930, and the unemployment rate was 9.3%.

The LSLEA region's largest industry on an employment basis is retail trade, accounting for 12% of total employment in census year 2006, followed by oil and gas at 10%, and construction and manufacturing at about 8.5% each. The region's manufacturing is concentrated in the forest product sector. The LSLEA region also boasts a vibrant hospitality sector, accounting for 1.3% of Alberta's supply of hotel rooms. 

Projects Underway

Dual Credit Video Vignette
In partnership with the High Prairie School Division and Northern Lakes College, we are proud to showcase students and instructors involved in dual credit learning opportunities. The dual credit initiative promotes students pursuing a trade as a career, and helps grow a skilled regional work force. Watch the video here.

Projects Underway

Four Seasons of Lesser Slave Lake
Four Seasons of Lesser Slave Lake is both a beautiful photo collection and a marketing tool that highlights the tourism product opportunities, quality of life, attractions & year-round activities available throughout our region. LSLEA is updating and re-printing this popular resource.

Projects Underway

Marina Feasibility Study and Business Case
There is untapped potential for the development of commercial recreation and tourism products related to boating in the east basin of Lesser Slave Lake. LSLEA is partnering with Slave Lake Regional Tri-Council to study options for developing marina facilities near the Town of Slave Lake. Completion of the study is anticipated in the spring of 2015


The vision of the Lesser Slave Lake Economic Alliance is: "The Next Place"

LSLEA is dedicated to becoming the next place.
Whether it's the next place to visit, live, work, or play, the Alliance will work towards its vision of becoming "The Next Place".


In order to achieve this vision, LSLEA will contribute to the success of the region through its mission.
"The Lesser Slave Lake Economic Alliance is a network of partners coordinating resources to identify and promote economic development initiatives for the benefit of stakeholders."

The mission has several key phrases, which are highlighted below.

  • Network of partners – the strength of the organization is based on the depth and breadth of its connections.
  • Coordinating resources – able to organize skills, money, and time for the benefit of the region.
  • Identify and promote – the organization does not have a mandate to lead, but rather support and encourage initiatives from within the region.
  • Benefit of stakeholders – the organization works for the collective good of the region.

Member Communities:

Name       Contact
MD of Opportunity No. 17   780.891.3778
Town of High Prairie   780.523.3388
Gift Lake Métis Settlement   780.767.3794
Peavine Métis Settlement   780.523.2557
East Prairie Metis Settlement   780.523.2594

Member Organizations:

Name       Contact
 High Prairie & Area Chamber of Commerce    780.523.8022
 High Prairie School Division    780.523.3337
 Northern Lakes College    780.751.3260
 Slave Lake & District Chamber of Commerce    780.849.3222
 KTC Child & Family Services    780.767.8817