The forest industry has a long and proud history and a strong future in the Lesser Slave Lake Region. With both deciduous and coniferous forest products, pulp and lumber industries continue to play a key role in the region's economic profile.(Read more)

The LSLEA region is one of Alberta's leading forest product producing regions. It accounts for about 9% of the total volume of logs consumed in the province, most of it used in the manufacturing of oriented strand board and lumber in the Slave Lake region

"Alberta's forest industry generates direct, indirect and induced revenue of more than $5.5 billion annually, making it a significant economic, environmental, and social contributor to the province." (

The LSLEA region's proximity to Alberta's green zone, coupled with the entrepreneurial spirit of local stakeholders, creates an excellent setting of prosperity for our major forest companies. High Prairie Forest Products (a division of West Fraser) produces high quality SFP lumber. Mills in the Slave Lake area (Vanderwell Contractors, Tolko Athabasca, Slave Lake Pulp, Alberta Plywood) produce lumber, plywood, pulp, and engineered wood products. On the bio-energy front, Slave Lake Pulp has built a combined heat and power plant that uses waste products from its operations to produce methane-rich biogas.